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About Us

About Us is a project to share beautiful pictures with others. We want to make people of this world happy. So please join us to share your pictures with your friends, family and others freely. You comments and suggestions will help us to improve the quality of this site.

For our members does not own the copyright for the uploaded pictures. If an image has an author please get in touch with him/her and ask if you can use it for commercial projects. If there's no author info on the wallpaper page then we don't have details about the author. In this case you use the wallpaper at your own risk.

Copyrighted Pictures
If any of the wallpapers from this site is made by you, please send us a link to the original wallpaper and tell us if you want it removed or not. If not, please send your website address and we'll post a link on the details page for that wallpaper. This way everyone wins. We want to give credit to those who deserve it!
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