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Fish are animals living in water. Without water they can't remain alive. The term fish is used to refer to any aquatic vertebrate that has a skin covered with scales, two sets of paired fins, some unpaired fins, and a set of gills. There are two types of fish. i) Osteichthyes: These are the bony fishes. Most of the fishes are bony fishes. ii) Chondrichthyes: These are the cartilaginous fishes. Some Most fish are bony fish are Sharks, skates, rays and Chimera. People in Pakistan love to eat fish. They not only buy but also try to hunt fishes. Pakistani fishes are very delicious. This is the category of fish containing different kinds of fish pictures. If you have beautiful fish pictures then please share it with others by uploading them to If any of the image uploaded at pictures pk is copy right protected and owned by you then please inform us, we shall remove it from our site on your request.
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